Thursday, August 20, 2009

What Inspires You?

This months in between question was originally posted on Booking Through Thursday in Jan. So you have my apologies if you've already answered it.

What books inspire you?

Personally, I like books that I can learn something from. I think that's why I enjoy the classics so much. Even if the theme of the book isn't historical, it happened so long ago that you learn something about the lifestyles of those times.

I especially like when there is a religious undertone to the book. I am a very religious person and I love when spirituality is worked into a story even if it isn't what the story is about. Like in Jane Eyre for example.

I know that a book is really good when you finish it and wished that there was just one more chapter.

How about you?

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Sharon in KY said...

I too like stories with characters of great faith whose lives are noble and humble.

I am inspired by an author who can make me feel the "glory" of the ordinary - the hard work of harvesting the grain but the comradery in which it is accomplished (Tolstoy), grown siblings together, continuing to learn (C.Bronte), Uncle Tom's sincere prayers continually poured out regardless of his circumstances (Stowe), etc.