Friday, October 10, 2008

We're Still Alive

Hey there everyone,

It's me, Shimmy Mom, I just took over the blog for Mrs. Brooke. And like all of you I wish her the absolute best and hope that she is back to leading us soon, and especially hope she will still join us in our reads and comments.

We are a little late this month, but did anybody read the assignment for Sept.? I must admit that my family moved in Sept. and I did not get it all read. I have, however, sort of cheated. When my family lived in St. Louis, they we in the middle of making a huge memorial library dedicated to Lewis and Clark and Sacajawea. So I would love to hear your thoughts on the reading. So we will extend the commenting time to Oct. 15th this month.

Remember that this months book is Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austin. If you haven't started yet, you still have time. We will be back to our normal discussion schedule in Nov. and will have open forum from Nov. 5th to the 10th.

Don't forget to go over to the side bar and vote for our Nov. read. We have three great options.

Now, as to business. I don't plan on changing things. I would like to pose the question though, if it would be helpful to anyone for me to send out emails to remind you that it is time for the book discussions, that voting is open for the next months book etc? If so please let me know in the comments and I will make sure that everyone gets their reminders.
I'm really excited to keep this going and hope that you all decide to stay in the group. Feel free to contact me or ask questions in the comments. Happy Reading!


Mrs. Mordecai said...

Thanks so much for taking over! I'm so excited to discuss Pride and Prejudice. I haven't read it yet . . . well, actually I've read it a few times but not this month. I'll get cracking!

Anonymous said...

Yes! Thank you for accepting this responsibility. Thinking this club was about to end, I started researching for myself possible next history reads and my oh my do I have an impossibly long list to whittle down.

I did read The Journals of Lewis and Clark. Whew! It was kind of a relief to be done. I assigned myself a minimum of 12 or so pages a day, I don't remember now, and I had to MAKE myself pick up that book and start reading each day. BUT, once I started I generally found something very interesting to think about or share with my family over dinner - their resourcefulness in acquiring food and the different foods they ate, like horse and dog meat. Some things I only shared with my husband - such as Clark's many doctoring responsibilities, including treatment of VD.

The incredible intimacy the men lived in, the length of time they spent together, and their sexual desires that they relieved with some Indian women, made me pause to think about military service and what I perceive as a lack of wisdom in allowing men and women to serve together in intense and intimate tours of duty.

In their dealings with the various Indian tribes I was sad knowing what would happen as a result of Lewis and Clark "opening up" this territory. Very soon, land hungry Americans would come, say "Mine!", and kill to possess what others had lived on for generations. It was a sort of dark shadow over every day's reading for me.

I was surprised that neither Lewis nor Clark mentioned God - not in praise, nor in seeking His wisdom.

I was amazed at Lewis and Clark's many talents - navigation, recording, boating, hunting, ambassador-ing, doctoring, etc. They could dance and smoke as gentlemen or live on roots wearing rotten clothing. Truly they knew how to be content in any and all circumstances.

The journey itself didn't capture me. I didn't read the geographic descriptions or the flora/fauna descriptions very closely. I did appreciate what the journey revealed of the strength and abilities of the men involved and the remarkable harmony Lewis and Clark worked in together.

That's all I can think of for now!

Again, Thank You ShimmyMom, for continuing this Reading Through History Club!

Sharon in KY

Shimmy Mom said...

Thank you Sharon, for all of your thoughts. I agree that the first time I heard of some of those things "they don't teach us in school" I was shocked. I very quickly learned that nobody is perfect.
I too am in awe at their talents and abilities and also thought, "If they knew what their work would bring about in the future, would they still have done it?"
I am sometimes shocked to read what some considered okay in the name of progress.
It very much proved to me that history, while very important to study and learn from, isn't always an easy thing to get through. It sometimes means learning of things we would have preferred to be innocent to.
I will admit that I was a little more interested in the geographic information. After living in various places around the country it was fun to imagine what places I have been to used to look like. How they were described and to wonder whether I would have had the presence of mind to record those sorts of things. I tend to only record my feelings or certain events when I do keep a journal. I was impressed to remember that if people like Lewis and Clark had never recorded those sorts of details we would have a much less painted picture of the history of the world. We would have no idea of what people wore or ate or drove etc. It made me question if I should be more detailed in my recordings of my life.