Friday, October 16, 2009

What a Treasure

So, I am the worst club manager ever. Family has been sick and computers have crashed and I am really late getting a discussion started on Treasure Island.

I did however, really enjoy reading the book. It was an easy to read while taking care of a million other things, kind of story. I found it fast paced and attention grabbing, even though I sometimes struggle with Stephenson's language.

It definitely makes you think twice about "treasure hunting". I think it's a great statement about how money doesn't bring happiness. I think that by the end of the story everyone one the voyage would agree that it wasn't worth what they went through to get it. A lesson that I think too many people don't believe.

While reading the story I also did some reading on Stephenson's background and upbringing. Because of that, I found his attitudes regarding religion interesting in the book. What I read said that he was an unbeliever (something that tore up his family) yet I felt he did a very good job at portraying the feelings and actions of those that did believe in the book, as well as the feelings of those that did not, like Silver.

I also couldn't help but think about Jim's part in the whole story. He isn't much older than my son and I couldn't imagine my son dealing with betrayal, work, and danger, of those magnitudes. I realize that we don't give our children as much responsibility, as early, as people did back then- but I still can't imagine sending my young teenager off on a ship of men, of which I only knew one, to search for a treasure that belonged to a deplorable man. It actually made me sad that he had to lose his innocence as early, and in the way that he did. Especially when he was forced to take a life to save his own.

So how did you enjoy the story?

(I also hope you are enjoying Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. And don't forget to vote for Nov. book in the side bar.)


Sharon in KY said...

My apologies to the group, as this is the first book I have not least, not recently. We did do this as a family read aloud about 3 years ago. I know we enjoyed it, though even then we all agreed that Kidnapped was our favorite RLS book.

Sharon in KY said...


Just curious - Did your son read Treasure Island along with you?

And yes, I am enjoying Dr.Jekyll VERY much!

Shimmy Mom said...

Most of it. He hasn't finished it yet, but he is enjoying it and Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.

Sharon in KY said...

Shimmy Mom,

I was trying to remember today about the details of Treasure Island. Perhaps you, and your son, could refresh my memory by sharing your impressions of Silver.

Because I knew from the beginning he was the "bad guy" I didn't trust what he said but he was very smooth and calculating wasn't he? Yet I have impressions of RLS treating Silver very sympathetically. He was a bad guy to the end, wasn't he?